What You Owe Me

There’s been some confusion over what’s due for the blogs, so I wanted to take this chance to clear that all up. Next Wednesday, when class begins, you owe me 19 entries—13 “response” blogs and six additional blog entries of your choosing. Three of these six additional entries must reference and be in response to a classmate’s blog or a thread you find on another blog (i.e. they must build upon a conversation taking place elsewhere on the web.). Three entries may be on any subject you choose under the sun.

Thus, all told, you must have an entry that matches each of the following criteria:

1) Response Blog: Intro/We the Media
2) Response Blog: Naked Conversations
3) Response Blog: Long Tail
4) Response Blog: Google
5) Response Blog: Social Media I
6) Response Blog: Social Media II
7) Response Blog: Topic of your choosing (Spring Break week)
8) Response Blog: Wikipedia/Loose Change
9) Response Blog: Gaming
10) Response Blog: Global Voices
11) Response Blog: Iraq
12) Response Blog: Politics Online/Dean Campaign
13) Response Blog: The First Campaign
14) Other blog response #1
15) Other blog response #2
16) Other blog response #3
17) Misc. entry #1
18) Misc. entry #2
19) Misc. entry #3

To be clear: No late blog entries will be accepted. Your blog as of 7:30 p.m. next Wednesday will be what you are graded on. This is a major part of your grade and so please please do it. Skipping an entry here or there makes the points add up pretty quickly.

In addition to the blog, you need to have posted at least 20 links on Del.icio.us, turned in a social media report, and on Wednesday you’re expected to turn in both a copy of your project critique as well as a copy of the project you critiqued (i.e. the printout you got from a delightful classmate last night).

If you have any questions on what you owe, email me as soon as possible. Unless I speak with you before Wednesday’s class, I will not accept late assignments or projects.

Also, if you missed class on a night when a quiz took place, your grade will not reflect that quiz (i.e. your grade will be based on a maximum of 95 points instead of 100), making all of your other assignments that much more important.

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