Our Last Class But It’s The First Campaign!

We’re down to one last class—hard to believe, huh? For class, read the assigned chapters of my book and dig around on TechPresident.com, TechRepublican.com, Obama’s tech plan, a Washington Post op-ed I did last fall, and Patrick Ruffini’s thoughts on the subject.

I also wanted to take a minute to explain what I’m looking for in your critiques: Basically, the critique of your classmate’s paper is a second chance for you to prove your knowledge of Web 2.0. Put yourself in the shoes of the person receiving this possible project plan for approval. Would you accept it? Has your classmate proved his or her case for a Web 2.0 undertaking?

How thoroughly did your classmate think through the various avenues open to his or her project? Were the most appropriate technologies incorporated into it? Do you have suggestions for other websites, ideas, or technologies that you would use?

How thoroughly did your classmate consider the competitive field? Are there obvious problems with the plan?

As I said last night, while there’s no set page length, I’d be surprised if you were able to accomplish this all in under a page or a page and a half.

On Wednesday please bring a paper hard copy of the final project you critiqued with your critique attached to it. Your critiques are for my eyes only. The subject of your critique will not see your critique unless you wish to give him or her a copy.

Make sure to also read the entry below on What You Owe Me.

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