How To Forward A Domain

Several of you asked tonight about forwarding your domain name, which we didn’t get to in the chaos of setting up the blogs. Here’s how to get yourself going. Gather the following pieces of information before you begin: Your blog’s address on WordPress (should be, your customer ID for, and the name of the domain you bought in class last week.

Then begin:

(1) Login to your account at

(2) Go the the “Domain” menu in the upper left, click on it, then select from the drop-down menu “My Domains.”

(3) Check the box next to your domain name and then on the toolbar above select the green arrow that says “Forward.”

(4) Under the “Fowarding” menu, select “Enabled” and then enter your WordPress address in the “Forward To” field (make sure to include the http:// part), and select “302 Moved Temporarily.” Click OK.

(5) Click OK on the next screen.

(6) Congratulations, you’re all done.

Make sure to email me with the address of your blog so the rest of the class and I can start following along. Next class we’ll cover blogging tips and how to write a good blog.

If you’re utterly lost, don’t worry. We can troubleshoot in class next week if people have problems.

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One Comment on “How To Forward A Domain”

  1. lhmcclean Says:

    Thanks for the words of reassurance. I would say utterly lost or totally confused just about covers it.

    Your congrats above for “becoming journalists” reminds me to ask for some more time during class to talk about the tension between established and up and coming media.

    An executive I know and respect expressed his view about coexisting with bloggers in this way: it’s like being in a relationship with someone that tells you up front, “I don’t like you (that much) but if you want to have a relationship with me, I’ll always benefit and will rarely (if ever) compromise. Are you up for it?”

    What does a corporate affairs executive say to that when trying to get people to open their eyes to social media? And, by the way, “you have to because: 1- you have to; or 2- everyone else is doing it; or 3- because your customer base depends on it is not compelling.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts and thank you again, in advance, for your patience.


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